Johanna W. Villanueva Educational Therapy
Assessment, Advocacy and Intervention


What is educational therapy?

Educational therapy is not tutoring.  Educational therapy is therapy which uses a holistic learning approach to remediate learning differences and reorganize thinking.  Therapy sessions incorporate a variety of intervention techniques which simultaneously reinforce academics while changing how a student processes information. Therapeutic approaches are customized to provide each student with the tools needed to succeed in school and in everyday life.

​Educational therapists provide formal and informal evaluations to identify processing disorders and the root causes of learning differences.  They understand that factors such as school, family and neurobiology may impact learning.  An educational therapist will help families navigate interfering factors while empowering students to be their own best advocate.
​"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run" - Babe Ruth
Complete educational assessments are used to identify a student's processing profile, as well as their academic strengths and weaknesses.  Educational evaluations can provide answers to questions about a student's learning.

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​Advocacy services include support throughout the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process, as well as provide an understanding of student rights in both private and public settings.  

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​Intervention services are regular educational therapy sessions which focus to remediate learning differences.  They incorporate research-based techniques to provide specialized intervention at both the processing and academic levels.

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